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Industrial agriculture is supposed to grow the food we need, yet it often harms the ecosystems that sustain our lives. Because of our disconnection to Nature and food, many remain unaware of this paradox. We introduce people to an agriculture based on natural processes that provides an abundance of healthy and delightful food while regenerating our ecosystems and our relationships with them. We do this because we believe that when we feel connected to, and care for Nature, life is abundant, enjoyable and exciting, and we feel inspired and empowered to find solutions that simultaneously benefit our planet, our society, and our economy, finding a deep sense of meaning, belonging, and happiness.
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Hi! My name is Alberto. I am originally from Spain, where I grew up helping my grandparents in their farms and where I developed a deep fascination for the natural world.

Learning is my favourite thing in life, and I find endless inspiration in Nature, hence the name of our farm. My interest in Nature led me to a career in ecology. During my 10 years in academia, I realized how damaging industrial agriculture is to our planet.

For all humans to be food-secure and have fulfilling lives, we need to find positive synergies between agriculture and biodiversity conservation. I believe in the enormous potential that regenerative agriculture has to produce food that strengthens our health, our communities, our ecosystems, and our climate.

Please scroll down to find out how we are contributing to this. If you want to know more about me, please visit my personal website.


Hi! I am Joanna. Born in the Yukon and raised in Pakenham Ontario, I grew up with the satisfaction of growing my own food and an appreciation for the natural world.

During my years studying our interactions with the natural systems that support us, I learned that agriculture is the leading cause of habitat loss worldwide. When I met Alberto, he introduced me to a different kind of vision for food production, one that goes beyond organic certification and is designed to work with nature.

After five years of adventures in the Yukon, we decided to move back to Pakenham in order to turn that vision into a reality. I am thrilled to be Nature’s Apprentice Farm’s marketing and communications advisor, helping to share nature-based solutions for a happier, healthier world!


The Nature’s Apprentice Farm Ecosystem

Industrial agriculture replaces ecological functions with synthetic chemicals and fossil fuels. Instead, we are working to integrate our farm into the local ecosystem, learning from, supporting and participating in natural processes.
We add organic matter
We support plant and animal diversity
We do not disturb the soil
Carbon is stored in the soil
Soil life  thrives
Flavourful, nutrient dense, healthier plants
Water is retained
Fewer Weeds
100% chemical free
Fewer Pests

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