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Do you want to make growing food part of your life, but don't know where to start? We got your back!

Some decisions can be costly or even irreversible. We have made lots of mistakes over the years. Let us help you avoid them!

We offer 3 packages to make your gardening accessible, simple and enjoyable. Packages are fully customizable to meet your needs.

Choose or customize your package

Check our price list and customizations below. This service is available January 1st to April 30th.


starter gardener

In a one hour visit*, we help you decide:

  • Where to grow: we help you design your garden based on your goals
  • How to grow: we provide guidance on how to create your garden beds and help you source tools, materials and soil amendments**
  • What to grow: we recommend what to grow and where based on what you like to eat, and help you source seeds and plants**


woman watering

What is included in the Starter package +

  • Crop planning: In a one hour session (online), we show you how to make a crop plan, including a planting calendar, to grow veggies all season long
  • Irrigation: we help you design and source materials** for an irrigation system that fits your needs and saves you hours of work


woman cold frame

What is included in the Grower package +

  • Support line: 1 hour worth of dedicated, 101 support through the growing season
  • Soil test: we collect soil samples, arrange a soil test, help you understand the results, and make recommendations, so you can understand and manage your soil better
  • Season extension: we help you design and source materials** for the best season extension infrastructure for your context and goals

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All prices before taxes.
* Fee covers a 40 Km round trip from 112 Lynx Hollow Rd, Pakenham, ON; for longer distances, a charge of $0.78/km applies
** Cost of materials, tools, seeds, plants or amendments not included
If you have a different challenge, please get in touch! We would love to help you out!
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