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Salad Subscription

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Enjoy a steady supply of fresh salad ingredients and reinvent your summer meals

Limited offering, reserve your subscription today!
From June 15 to September 30  (16 weeks)*
Salad greens include a mix of spinach, lettuce, arugula, mustard greens, baby kale and Asian greens, depending on availability.
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Garnishes include: radishes, salad turnips, baby beets, carrots, herbs, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and edible flowers, depending on availability.
Available sizes
From $15/week
one 11 oz bag of mixed salad greens
two to three small-medium garnish portions
From $30/week
one 1.5 lb bag of mixed salad greens
three to four medium-large garnish portions
Tell us your preferred size and whether you want to pick up at the farm or have it delivered. If you choose delivery, please include your address so we can assess delivery costs.
CONTACT US TO Reserve now!
We will offer you as much diversity of greens and garnishes as possible. We will let you know in advance what will be in your salad subscription each week, so if you want additional items you can add them to your order via our online shop or by email.

* We would be happy to adapt the duration of the program to suit your calendar (holidays, work travel, etc.). Please let us know your needs when you reserve your subscription.
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