• All potatoes are grown without chemicals

  • Bellanita Product Image
    BellanitaProductive yellow fingerling. Fantastic roasted or fried.
    French Fingerling Product Image
    French FingerlingA white, classic fingerling. Quite productive and goofy shape. Great for roasting with skin and all
    La Ratte Product Image
    La RattePopular yellow fingerling. Fantastic roasted or fried
    Purple Peruvian Product Image
    Purple PeruvianStriking blue fingerling, loaded with antioxidants. Large plants but less productive than other varieties
    Red Thumb Product Image
    Red ThumbBeautiful red fingerling with shades of pink in a yellowish interior. Fantastic roasted or fried.
    Yukon Gold Product Image
    Yukon GoldWonderful for any use, particularly mashed
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