Inspire healthier family mealtime with vegetables delivered to your door

100% chemical   free
We all need good food to thrive, but finding options that the whole family enjoys can be exhausting.
Wilted vegetables from far away don't inspire healthy eating.
We grow delicious and nutritious vegetables and harvest them right before you need them, so you can eat better and feel better.
We asked our customers to define our products. They said "Fresh, Delicious, Healthy, Flavourful, Long-Lasting, Awesome!"
our salad
Meal planning doesn't have to be time consuming. Make your meal planning and prep a breeze, knowing exactly what you get every week with our Salad Subscription.
Order once and enjoy fresh salad ingredients all summer long!
Convenient pick-up and delivery options
Get your Salad Subscription
Sue Murphy said: "We have really loved receiving our delivery every week, the salad and veggies are so fresh and delicious! We are definitely signing up next year!"
Tired of roaming stores looking for the best looking vegetables? Get the fresh ingredients you need, whenever you need them with our Farm Membership
Enjoy exclusive discounts and perks
3 different types with amazing benefits
Become a Farm Member
Salad Subscribers can also be  Farm Members and order extra produce anytime. In fact, many people have joined both!
Imported foods can't compete with the taste and nutrition of freshly harvested products. Never miss out on  seasonal, local flavours and order at your convenience by joining our exclusive customer list!
You will get a produce list every Monday over the summer
Convenient pick-up and delivery available
The Low family said "Our kids don't love salads, but after visiting the farm, they eat greens without hesitation. Freshly picked veggies just taste so much better!"
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If you need a break from life's hectic pace, come for a Farm Tour!

Experience a sense of connection and calm at the farm.
We offer pre-booked tours every Saturday at 10 am, June to October. If that does not suit you, please contact us to arrange a private tour. Please see our Covid-19 adaptation plan

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Tips to make delicious meals
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Do you dream of growing your own food or starting a small farm, but don't know where to start?
We help people to design and plan gardens, to save water with appropriate irrigation systems, to regenerate soil health, to select and source tools and materials, and much more!
The first hour of consultation is free!
Consulting services
Lock-down days can feel gloomy. Bring home beauty and joy from our u-pick flower patch!
Bring your own container and scissors, and enjoy the blooming creativity these flowers will help you to reach!
We will have cool water, extra containers and flower preservation tips here for you.
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Connect with food and Nature

March 13, 2021
Bird houses

Bring the joy of birds to your yard with these bird houses built with local materials.

3 Sizes Available: small, medium and large


December 15, 2020
Farm membership

Join our Farm Membership and get 10% off all your vegetable purchases and other exclusive benefits!  

May 3, 2020
Salad Subscription

Please visit our Salad Subscription page for details, and fill up this form to reserve yours!

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